Envisioning What's Next: Girl Scouts National Property Symposium

This summer, Studio Outside has been working with the Girl Scout's leadership to create a framework that strategically consider their national property portfolio. The Girl Scout movement holds 112,000 acres in over 800 individual properties. Owned primarily by the 112 local councils around the country, creating a collective vision to maximize the value of this property is a great challenge.

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What Landscape Architects Do: Just Another Day on the Job

As landscape architects, it’s always interesting to hear what people think our profession is about. Usually, people think of landscape architects as either gardeners, landscapers, arborists, or florists. The truth is that we do have knowledge of a wide variety of plants, but knowing about plants and trees is only a small part of what a landscape architect actually does daily.

As an example, I was recently asked about a tree problem in a friend’s garden. Luckily, I could answer the question but only because I’ve seen a lot of tree issues in 35+ years of practicing landscape architecture. Learning about tree or plant problems has been a necessity because it really is more of a test question: answer correctly and you’re an expert, answer incorrectly and your clients will know more than you do. Ouch.

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