Studio Outside 'Watch Wednesdays' a Welcome Addition to the Workweek

At Studio Outside, we're always looking for small ways to enhance our quality of work and our quality of life, and part of quality of work is continuing our education in landscape architecture and staying inspired. It's too easy to become chained to your desk at work and mired in routine in life, so I've been thinking of ways to add a little variety here and there.

One recent addition in the past couple weeks has been taking advantage of our new conference rooms (and flatscreen TVs!) to watch short films over the lunch break, which I've dubbed Watch Wednesdays! The goal is to take advantage of the lunch break, when many people are already eating at their desks or in the kitchen, and use it as a chance for some entertainment and inspiration for our profession. 

The first Watch Wednesday (WW) was a viewing for the office of the rediscovered 1967 film, The Walls are Rising, which I wrote about here. It sparked some interesting discussion about the ways Dallas has (and hasn't) changed over the last 50 years. The second WW was on an interesting short piece from Bassett & Partners called Briefly, which interviews prominent designers in a variety of fields about the value of a project brief, about creative inspiration, and the design process in general. Last week, we watched (or re-watched, in some cases) the iconic story The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces, inspired by the synonymous book by William 'Holly' Whyte published in 1980. 

Below you can find our first three WW videos. How do you break up your work week or add interest to your daily routine? Let us know in the comments!