Welcome to blogOutside!

...............we have more conference space now!


You're reading blogOutside, the official blog of Studio Outside, a landscape architecture firm located in Dallas, Texas. This site will showcase the individual voices of all the unique personalities that make up the SO team, and will be a notebook on wide-ranging topics including art&design, architecture and landscape architecture, studio news and events, community goings-on and much more. 

Our goal with this blog is to provide consistent, unique content both within and outside the bounds of our daily work in the field of landscape architecture. 

Post #1 and other new news!

So with this first post, I'd like to not only introduce readers to the blog and what we're all about, but to also talk about some exciting new things we've got going on at Studio Outside.

2/3 of the way through our office renovation and expansion @ Studio Outside!

Firstly, we've been undergoing a pretty big expansion/renovation of our studio - an increase of 50% of the initial square footage - by taking on an additional work/live studio to add to our existing collection of two. Our studio, located across from Fair Park, is in a renovated industrial loft with an open floor plan, high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and large windows looking out to a linear courtyard. With the increase in floor space, we have all been able to spread out a little bit, as well as add more conference space. It's also given us an excuse to fully renovate our existing studios! Stay tuned for more progress pics, and if you're lucky enough to visit our office while we're under construction, bear with us!

In conjunction with the new blog, we've recently launched headfirst into the social media arena with our first Twitter account. Follow Studio Outside below for updates and news!