Smoke, Fire, and the Southern Post Oak Savanna

"Historically, a blanket of bison covered the savanna landscape of southeast Texas.  Large herds consumed vast quantities of grasses and their hooves disturbed the soil, and dispersed seed.  Though the grazing was intense, the bison moved, allowing the savanna time to recover.

Fires regularly spread through the savanna.  These fires were typically very large and continued until stopped by a change in topography or storms smothered them. These fires stimulated growth of the grasses and forbs, suppressed invading woody plants and ultimately contributed to the incredible species diversity of the grasslands." (Houston Wilderness)

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Studio Outside Brings the Fair to Downtown Dallas for Park(ing) Day

Every year Parking Spaces around the country are transformed for a day into interactive and interruptive parks that challenge the way society uses urban space, in the form of PARK(ing) Day.  In our third year of participation we decided to bring a bit of our borough to downtown Dallas.  Studio Outside resides in Exposition Park, home of the annual Texas State Fair.  Every fall Big Tex rises above the Midway, corndogs are tossed in the deep fryer, and the Ferris Wheel begins to spin.  Inspired by the excitement and festivities of Exposition Park this time of year, we developed Fair PARKlet; a contemporary take on the interactive fair experience fully equipped with carnival games and custom benches to relax on a Friday afternoon on Dallas’ Main St.

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