Photos: Studio Outside Plays Bocce on the Street....Again

After [PARK]ing Day, we decided that one day wasn't enough use for our modular bocce court. So, the next logical step was to have an impromptu [PARK]ing Day Part 2 right in front of our office! Coincidentally a few hundred feet from the entrance to the Texas State Fair which was in full swing, we set out last Friday to see how long we could park our 30-foot bocce court on the street before we had to take it down!

The court took up about two parallel spaces, at a premium during the fair. But we had a lot of people walking by, watching us play and talking - giving Studio Outside a little bit of street presence (literally).

With some Serious Pizza in hand, the day was off to a great start. 

And then....the inevitable happened. We were kindly asked to vacate the premises by a DPD officer and two companions which I assume have something to do with parking enforcement. 

At the end, we were happy to have our bocce court urban installation up for more than 6 hours on a Friday! Hopefully we animated the street and sidewalk a little bit and added some interest to some of the fairgoers' day.

All photos by Charlie Pruitt.