Studio Outside Dominates Parking Day Dallas 2014

When Studio Outsiders got together last month to talk about Park(ing) Day 2014, we had no idea what we would do. We spent hours talking about concepts that were low-budget, didactic, and well-designed. Sometimes it got heated when talking about materials and feasibility. (Where are we going to get 500 plotter rolls on this short of notice, and who is going to propagate all those plants?!)

Then someone said "ya know, people like fun stuff..." Someone else replied "then how about a bocce court?"  Discussion over. 

We used recycled pallets (donated from Living Earth and Southern Botanical), some plywood and lots of screws to construct the skeleton. We added some artificial turf (donated by Synthetic Grass Pros) for the playing surface, some bamboo for shade (donated by Southern Botanical), and it was finished! We had an awesome day hanging out downtown, meeting new people, seeing old friends and playing bocce. 

Many, many thanks to the people and businesses that helped us pull this off!

Our bocce court could be making an encore appearance at the State Fair, so check back soon!

All photographs by Charlie Pruitt