Continental Bridge Park and Bocce in the Rain

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Yesterday, I got a chance to visit the month-old Continental Avenue Bridge, Dallas' most recent highway-to-walkway park conversion and one small piece of a larger vision for the Trinity River floodplain in the coming years. A couple of Studio Outsiders were competing for the Dallas Major-League Bocce championship title at literally the highest level of competition in their sport in the DFW area, so Charlie and I decided to come cheer them on and see a new landscape project while we were at it. 

Designed by Wallace Roberts and Todd, the formerly four-lane vehicular bridge is now a linear pedestrian plaza, dotted with active and passive areas for chess, water play, play structures, relaxation, bicycling, running, and of course bocce ball. 

From WRT:

[We] helped guide the preparation of multiple concepts for the bridge, leading to a preferred design consisting of a raised promenade flanked by bicycle and transit lanes. The promenade contains tilted planes, green walls, movable seating, and special lighting in support of vendors as well as gatherings and performances.

The park not only serves as a great pedestrian amenity close to downtown, but also as a great place to view and explore the Trinity River Basin including levee trails and the Calatrava Bridge. As you'll see below, it's also a perfect place to watch incoming storms!

This is Bocce! Photo by Charlie Pruitt

Photo by Charlie Pruitt

Ellen and Allison laser focused on winning the 'ship - and YES, they made the finals.

Bocce is a sport of precision. No messing around.

The Continental Bridge runs just parallel to the often polarizing but undeniably striking Calatrava bridge.

And then the rain came. 

p.s.  - apparently Allison and Ellen's team have also won a "regional" championship in oak cliff and proudly display their trophy at work. So here it is, in all its glory. May we all be half as successful as you guys at one point in our lives.